4 Girls Tech is a app development company, founded in San Francisco by 14 year old, full time 8th grader Mercer Henderson in February 2016. Her first app Audiots features a deep repository of fun emojis, but also touts a philanthropy arm called “Audiots 4 Good,” where the proceeds from the packs to go the respective organizations. The company currently has existing partnerships with General Electric, HINT Water, the SF SPCA and See Jane. How it works: Download the app and load the Audiots sound Emoji Keyboard. Pick your emoji with professionally recorded sound bites. The person on the receiving end does not have to have the same keyboard to receive the sound emoji. The name Audiots comes from combining audio and it.  Find Audiots on Facebook and Twitter.


Her new app, Friendits (pronounced Friend-its) was created to change the world (or at least your world) one closet at a time. Friendits was born out of Mercer's desire to help bridge the gap between friends that have a lot and friends that have less. Realizing that one of the barriers for teens to fully enjoy social experiences is having something nice to wear. But her vision goes way beyond helping her private network of friends. Mercer is planning on developing Friendits into a giving machine. Stay tuned for more!

Friendits facebook, aoudadfadoj twitter Mercer.Henderson on Instagram.


Want to chat with Mercer, her mom or the team? info@friendits.com


Check out Audiots audiots.com or download the app @ http://apple.co/20Jyg4G